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3 September 1981

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The name is Amber, but you can call me Am. I currently live in Kentucky with my husband Ronnie. I was born and raised in Michigan. I attend WKU for an associates degree in Office System Tech. Then a bachelors in Child Studies and a minor in Family Studies. I will be graduating in May 10 with my associates, and not sure about the bachelors. My husband is going to school online to be a Police Officer. He will be done Dec. 10.We love animals! We have two cats [Church & Butters] and two dogs [Cooper & Slinky]. I am a Christian & attend the Church of Christ. I love it there. I got married to Ronnie May 9th of this year on our 4th anniversary. We are trying to have children, with no luck yet. I am into Eeyore, Woodstock (snoopy), and Gary (spoongebob). I love cartoons. I like frogs and stars, before they were "cool". Anything else you want to know, ask. :) In March of this year I found out that my older sister Angel had died of a accidental overdose. I found the news out a year too late because no one knew how to get a hold of me. She and I had a rocky relationship, and I miss her everyday. She had many problems and I hope she is in Heaven with my dad and Grammie looking down. RIP Dawg love Chief.

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